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Adel De Meyer

Hi, I am Adel de Meyer - New Media Specialist, Author and Mentor.

Adel De Meyer's Bio:

Adel de Meyer is Brand Ambassador, Social Media Specialist, Author, Speaker and Trainer. Adel specializes in Social Media strategies and the use of Social Media tools to help businesses succeed in their online marketing efforts and to build lasting relationships with their audience.


Adel is an Author and blogs Social Media tips and advice on LinkedIn and The Next Web. Companies she works with as a Brand Ambassador or Influencer include Huawei, Brand24, Later and Pitney Bowes.

Adel is available for consulting, workshops, keynote speaking and training.


Specialities include:

►Social Media tools & technologies

►Content Creation

►Social Media Management / SEO and SEM

►Brand Development

►Marketing Technology

►Digital Marketing 

►Social Media Training

►Influencer Marketing Campaigns


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Adel De Meyer's Experience:

Adel De Meyer's Education:

Adel De Meyer's Interests & Activities:

Social Media, Digital Marketing, Technology and SEO is what drives my career and is my focus point at the moment in business. On a more personal level I love making cocktails, socialising with friends over a BBQ or taking a trip down to the beach. I am also a big animal lover - my favourite animal is a Leafy Sea Dragon. In my free time I enjoy reading articles about business and latest trends or news in the Social Media world. One of my favourite books are 'How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie' I have a good sense of humor, enjoy music, love my internet followers and enjoy every moment of the digital space I'm in. I would love to connect with you - Say Hello :)

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